Search Engine Optimization is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to your website. Many think that it’s a once off procedure done when the website is designed and launched live. This is far from the truth. I like to compare SEO to climbing Mount Everest -it’s a long journey -not for the faint hearted and it takes tremendous skill to master it. Many fail and expert advice is needed. Here are some great tips to empower you :

Off Site Optimization

Are you listed on various directories/other industry related sites and on social media sites? This is essential in order to build your brand and saturate the internet with your business presence. The aim is to drive traffic from other sites to your website where ultimately conversion of sales take place.

On Site Optimization

This refers to the actual coding on your website. Are your images coded correctly? Are keyword meta tags installed and saved on all your website images? Have you got a website sitemap installed? These are vital to your survival and will effect your ranking on Google.

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