We most certainly have reached a new age in our world due to the tremendous growth of internet users and modern technology. Research tells us that the number of people reading blogs is growing and not only that-it is influencing purchasing decisions amongst consumers. This creates a great opportunity for businesses as they can write about their products and services and successfully reach large numbers of readers. Today’s question is no longer ‘should you have a blog?’ it is more ‘how often should you be posting to your blog?’

Here are some ways that Blogging can assist your business :

  • Blogging can assist you to build your list of contacts in your target market through people subscribing to your blog
  • Your list of readers could become clients
  • Can establish you as a thought leader in your industry
  • Expands your online presence
  • Makes your website more interesting as there is a flow of new information
  • Increases internet traffic to your website as blogging is a constant flow of new keywords onto your website.

Besides being creative with articles and providing news, Search Engine Optimisation is the biggest advantage by far of having a Business Blog. Here are some tips for a good blog to maximise the SEO on your news articles :

  • Page Titles : these are very important and can help you rank higher if worded with the correct keywords. Try to keep the Title short, relevant and keyword rich.
  • Mention your article heading ‘in its entirety’ in the body of your article. Please note the heading should be used in its proper order each time, for example ‘The Ocean is Blue’ There should be no exceptions for the ‘word order’ when this appears.
  • Blog articles should be no shorter than 550 words according to new research done.
  • Don’t forget to add in your location if your products and services are dependant on a certain geographical area
  • Use relevant keywords throughout the body of your blog article.
  • Don’t forget to add in the post tags onto the article in the backend of your blog
  • Use hyperlinks when adding in your contact email address to that you are easily contactable
  • Use links within your blog article to specific pages on your website! (Google scans for these) My suggestion is to use 3 per article.

On a final note, remember to add a good visual to your article-this just enhances the general appearance and makes it more appealing. Add in our social media sharing buttons to each article as this assists readers to share your content with their contacts. In closing, allow for public comments as this will boost engagement with consumers.

Enjoy the journey….and get blogging for search engine success!




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