The power of body language can determine the success of meeting with business partners. Here are some great tips on creating and maintaining a professional impression.

Maintain Good Eye Contact

Strong eye contact portrays confidence and honesty. Its important for leaders to portray this when engaging in discussions and negotiations

The Art of a Good Listener

Pay close attention to the conversation and demonstrate interest in what individuals are saying. This will pave the way to build respect in your circles. If unsure that both parties are communicating well, repeat your interpretation back to them and ask them to acknowledge and validate.


Put away distractions such as your mobile/cell phone-or keep it on silent during meetings. If you portray that you are focussed on the conversation, it will encourage people to open up and boost communication levels positively.

Dress for Success

Choose to dress up and not down. People will judge you according to how you look so be sure to always make a consertive effort to dress professionally.


Welcome your meeting attendees and introduce them to each other by name. Always offer them to be seated first. Once the meeting is complete, end with a recap and conclusion, a friendly farewell and a method of suggested follow up (such as a call or email to follow)

Time Management

Preferably arrive early for meetings and be prepared and well briefed. During commencement, be aware of time and make a concerted effort to stick to important topics and not stray off on tangents. Time is of the essence, not only to you, but also to your clients.

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