Social Media sites seem to be mushrooming up everywhere and their popularity seems to be ever growing. The key is content! Social media only works if there is a consistent flow of information to the sites-this we all know! Marketers seem to be more and more confused as to how much time and what to do on the various Social Media platforms.

It’s our suggestion that you focus on between 3 and 5 key social media sites. Once you have these set up for you professionally and they are beautifully branded-then its time for lift-off! Spending a huge amount of time on these sites daily, however can be unproductive. It’s so important to have a clear strategy set in place and to stick to it!

Here are some basic guidelines to what a good day on social media, covering the minimum essential and required work, should look like :


  • Pop in and visit twice a day!
  • Tweet valuable content. It is of great benefit to be informative and seen as a valuable resource to your followers.
  • ReTweet your Target Market to capture their attention
  • Check your messages-dont risk being seen as impolite-answer and respond to those who took the time to talk to you.
  • Tweets should include links to your website to drive traffic to your site.
  • Research your hash tags before using them to make sure they are in context and safe.


  • Post your content (1-2 times daily) with links to your website
  • Photos, Video’s and Informative Links always perform the best!
  • Content can be playful and humour is welcomed. Dont hide who you are-it will be to your advantage to add a little personality. Stick to the rules though-good manners and good language.
  • Respond and answer any comments on your posts.
  • Engage with your Target Market by liking their posts and commenting.


  • Ah..a little more serious! Share your professional content here!
  • Good tip : Share the content to your Company Page-and then share it across from there to your personal profile-hence always linking back to your business 😉
  • Got PDF’s? Linkedin accepts these on all Company Pages so post those there!
  • Golden Rule : check your messages and respond!
  • Found any spam?? Delete those!


  • Post photos and images with the link to your Website to your Pin Board. (NEVER forget the website link!)
  • Comment and thank those who have re-pinned your pics!
  • Build relationships by re-pinning pics from your Target Market’s boards.


  • Don’t neglect this site as +1’s are essential for SEO. Post Links, Video’s and Informative content to the Company Page with the correct keywords and hash tags. Check your settings and make sure the right circles have access to your post visibility.

The general idea is to work smarter and not harder. Dont feel overwhelmed, stick to a clear strategy and time allocation for Social Media each day. Too much to manage? Contact our team to take the work load off of you hands 🙂




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