Due to the competitive nature of business, companies place an important emphasis on delivering good customer service. Putting one’s best foot forward will ensure good feedback from customers,however there may well be an occasion where a complaint is made on one of your social media sites. Negative comments on social media are rare, but the point is they can occur.

The question is can we avoid this and if not, how do we deal with this if and when it happens? One needs to be aware that people come in all shapes and sizes, with different levels of maturity, professionalism and tact.There is also truth is saying, since their complaint would be public, people could use this fact as leverage to grab the attention of the company.

In my experience,people don’t tend to complain on social media sites first. The norm is they resort to that if they have not had their problems addressed when previously calling or emailing the company. Hence it is vital that each business has a water-tight system in place to deal with any possible complaints in the most effective and timeous way.

So what do you do when you meet up with such a person on a social networking site? First of all, the golden rule is never to ignore someone who is complaining. Their complaint has to be attended to and acknowledged quickly and promptly.


Secondly, if you respond with equal negativity to their comments, you risk being viewed as unprofessional. It is vital to maintain a high level of professionalism when you respond, so the best advice is not to react instantly. This will avoid your response being emotionally based and not thought-out. If you are a small business owner, remember that anything you “say” on the social web is a reflection of your brand and your reputation.

Good advice is to acknowledge their complaint, apologise, and simply ask for their contact details, promising them that they will be contacted right away. It is then vital that there is immediate follow-through done by phone or email to prevent further negative remarks.

In the rare situation, where the person is abusive they can be removed and blocked from having further access to your social media sites. This should be done only in extreme cases. It is up to your social media management team to use their discretion and if necessary this measure should be applied.

In closing Social Media is a valuable tool to use in building your reputation in a positive manner. Please remember dealing with a negative comment is a rare occurrence. I am hoping the tips above will be of help in building good customer relationships online and offline.

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