Chanel has been a qualified business mentor and social media trainer since 2008. She currently attends conferences as guest speaker consulting to investors and business owners regarding their online marketing strategies.

Chanel is particularly passionate about working with pioneers and businesses starting their online marketing campaigns, although she has had the privilege to work with larger companies and big brands such as BT, Stobart Groups and Century 21.

She specialises in B2B online marketing strategies. Social Media makes sense as soon as it proves to be a tool successful in driving traffic, showing good ROI and lead generation for businesses. Chanel’s training courses cover a detailed breakdown of how to leverage all the major digital networks for business. Our in-house training is tailored to your industry and your company needs, aims and objectives.

Chanel will equip and empower your team with excellent insight and step by step guidelines demonstrating how to conduct a comprehensive social media business strategy. We pride ourselves with cutting edge, easy-to-understand, high quality training courses and offer one months back up support for your team, included as part of our service.

For the last 3 years Chanel has travelled extensively in the United Kingdom consulting to companies and training in-house marketing departments to effectively manage their social media accounts. Her clients have ranged from small independant firms to large world famous brands. When not consulting, she oversees an amazing team of young women who manufacture ethically traded Jewelry. Curious to support a great cause or simply go shopping? Click here.

In her own words ‘I am an excellent teacher and driven to impart knowledge and skills in confident and assertive manner. There is only one option for my clients and that is to overcome any obstacles, embrace powerful new strategies and leap forward to greater success.There is no greater reward for me, than experiencing this first hand’