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With a membership of over 200 million users globally, Linkedin has become one of the top social networks to be part of. Research tells us that out of all Social Media networks, Linkedin’s members consist mostly of influential professionals. Are you show-casing your company professionally on this powerful network?Here are some great guidelines to help leverage the marketing potential of Linkedin’s powerful network.

Establish your Brand by setting up a professional Linkedin Company Page
This will be the 1stimpression of your business when visitors and potential clients find your company on Linkedin so it is vital to ensure it is as visually appealing and as comprehensive as possible.

  • Upload professional branded graphics and logo’s
  • Include a compelling biography /company description
  • List your main products and services
  • Add relevant url links
  • Upload YouTube video if these are available

Develop your Company Page Following
How do you leverage your existing networks to connect back to your company page?

  • Add the Linkedin Company Page icon to your Website
  • Include your Linkedin Company Page link on your email signature and that of all your employees
  • Leverage the networks of your employees on Linkedin by getting them to add the company page link to their own Linkedin Personal accounts and also to follow your newly set up Linkedin Company Page

Activate your Marketing
Once set up and a following has been generated, your Linkedin Company page is far from complete. The next step is marketing implementation whereby you will post a flow of interesting content to the page to begin to broaden your network and attract a higher following. Here are some great tips :

  • Post content that is relevant to your industry
  • Include visual images when posting to make it more attention grabbing
  • Add links ‘to your Website or Blog’ in order to drive traffic to your own sites. Be aware that sharing links to other sites will drive traffic to those.
  • Include questions now and then to start conversations
  • Use CTA’s (call to action) by asking readers to like or share your posts
  • Optimal posts are mainly during office hours
  • Post a maximum of once a day
  • Ask your employees to like or share your weekly posts to assist in them going viral

Linkedin Company Endorsements
Endorsements work very much like that of a good testimonial. Each one received will speak to new potential customers boosting their confidence in the services that you offer. Not only that, but each time an endorsement is received it will be visible to the connections of the person giving the endorsement-very good free advertising! Endorsements of your company’s products and services therefore amplifies your company page across Linkedin.




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